We wanted to share some of the support we have offered to various organisations and individuals within the community and share their feedback on how our services have helped them.


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These are some of our other events done as part of our Black History Month exhibition and the amazing feedback.





“I know it may all be a lot to read. However for me it is only to show the depth of my gratitude. 

Before the coronavirus I was a first year student at Sheffield.  In mid-January I fell ill with what I considered to be just a really really bad cold of which affected both my studies and increased my anxiety. Being dependant on student finance as a student, affording groceries was already quite a struggle for me. As my shopping was limited and I couldn’t buy all the things that I needed. 
When the Covid-19 became a national pandemic, it’s seemed to be the beginning of the end for me. Shops quickly started emptying as people started to bulk buy, at first I tried not to panic so much. I felt like I couldn’t afford to stress…
All my flat mates began to leave one by one within the first week. However as everybody else I just did what the government advised, of which was to stay where you are and avoid travelling and socialising. I guess I just wanted to believe all this would be over soon. 
I mean how could I have guessed anything that has taken place in the last few weeks.
Back at home it is just me, my mother and my younger sister. My mother works full time in London just to make ends meet of which she had just informed me she had to stay in London for quite a while and my little sister is a college student. 
Because of the panic my sister decided to come and stay with me as it would work out to be cheaper. So we thought.
The only shop that had the most things closest to us, was Waitrose. We ended up spending most of the money given to us, in have in one day. Only lasted a few days at the most.  
Going through this with my little sister, only made me feel worse. 
As an older sister, it’s just so painful to watch your younger sister under your care go hungry and there is nothing you can do about it.
At this point the virus, the news, my education, my finance and my mental health was just crumbling. I couldn’t drive to further shops even if I wanted to, who could help at such a time? Unfortunately not many. 
That is why I am so thankful and really grateful for this organisation. 
From when I have received the delivery, I have not only been able to eat properly and feed my sister but I feel healthier and happier. I do not only have hope now,  but I also feel less alone in all of this. 
I just hope you continue doing the great amazing work, and help many other families that are not only affected but that feel alone. 
Thanks to you, I have managed to go home. Where I can feel more at home and I have not gone back to an empty home. Due to the food provided.
Again, thanks a million Ursula !!!!”
~ Age 22
“I am stuck at home as a single mother struggling to provide my children basic needs.  I am a single mother of 2 young people and I have to provide for them.  At the moment I am receiving food parcels from Ursula that has been of tremendous help for me and my children.  I suffer from depression and I sometimes struggle with the reality of the pandemic facing my family my community my country and the world at large.  I am trying not to panic even though there’s still more difficulties facing us as a family.  My electric is very low at the moment and from the little I have left I still need to pay rent.”
~ Age 48
“Hi Ursula, thank you so much for dropping by with the food parcel yesterday. The small supermarkets near me are out of things like pasta and tinned fish and the nearest larger store is over two miles away, so hearing from you about the food you had available, especially the chicken and pasta, gave me something less to worry about as I’m home alone and without transport. Thank you again for thinking of me and the many others you are supporting.”
~ Age 54
“Thanks to the kind decision to set up a Food Pharmacy to support the families in need during this pandemic, me and my family have been able to eat and not worry about going without. My mum’s benefits aren’t much and she has many debts and bills to pay, and the money doesn’t always stretch so we usually have to sacrifice something.
Thanks to the ADIRA’s food parcels we’ve had one less stress to worry about which has lightened the burden on us and made life a bit easier. Knowing the struggle of not having enough money to feed the family is a tough burden to bear and we’ve experienced plenty of times when the house has had a dark atmosphere and the days would drag, and the hunger begin to take over mind and mood making everything seem so depressing.
That’s why this service that was provided is a literal God sent because its helped us to stay in good spirits and not be worried or frightened. So we are truly grateful for Adira and the other benefactors who’s generosity has helped families like mine who struggle to make ends meet in these uncertain times.”
~ Age 22
“I am on universal credit and when I heard about this virus I was really scared. Because I am a sick woman with mental health and health problems, so I worried about me or my kids getting sick because we need to go outside to do top up on gas and electric- online is only £10 and more and we don’t have money to do more than a few coins so I got really stressed and cried about this mess. There’s a lot of stuff I have to pay for from my universal credit and I just couldn’t see a way of having both food and the bills paid for so when Ursula contacted my daughter’s about dropping food off to help us. I was very grateful and overwhelmed with emotions because it feels like there’s not a lot of support right now for me or my daughter’s to turn to and this help has given us one less thing to worry about. This virus is really draining my money and I have so many council related bills that I know others are having the same problem with too. So I think this food help was needed and a blessing and I hope it can be done for others too thank you all again. 
God bless.”
~ Age 46

“I am an 18 years old student. 

Before the COVID-19 crisis, I was a student at Barnsley college who had just quit my job in order to make more time for my studies. Coronavirus, however, led to schools and colleges closing all over the country. This meant I was unable to to gain access to the facilities I needed to achieve the grades I so very wanted. I also live alone the majority of the time as my mother works in London, this means I must fend for myself. I don’t drive so I often take taxis and use public transportation which has been made difficult by the Coronavirus crisis I had no other choice than to go and live with my sister in order to pool what little resources we had, and this led to an amazing extremely difficult financial struggle.
I would love to thank Ursula and ADIRA for making it easier for me and my sister to stay together during this crisis by providing urgently needed food parcels. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her help.”
~ Age 18

“I received a food parcel from Adira, who contacted me about whether we need support as we have been affected by Covid-19 since the beginning of March.

When we received the food parcel we never expected the things we got they provided everything we needed milk, bread, meat, vegetables. Essentials that weren’t affordable for us as we have recently been evicted and I am currently unemployed. 
Ursula came and left them and I took them. It was a blessing to my household because of the timing of events as we been have going through a lot such as finding housing, financial issues and mental health problems. 
I truly appreciate it. Thank you.”
~ Age 24

“Covid-19 has put my life on pause and thrown it into uncertainty due to the fact that I’m a final year Uni student and online teaching is not sufficient for my Art course. We had an upcoming Degree show planned to install our work and to create a name for ourselves in the art world to help us gain employment after graduating. Which is now halted and so much is unclear with how things will proceed for the Class of 2020 globally with graduations and assessments etc. I myself suffer from social mental health problems and am at higher risk than most ppl my age (20) due to the fact that I get sick for longer than normal periods of time and the last bad case for me was a 4/5 month chest infection that had me choking on air with no tests being able to identify what the issue was and a trial run of antibiotics. Being stuck inside because of this virus for me personally has meant the planned photoshoots for my art photography collab with other photographers has been put on hold. So my final piece ideas have been scrapped and I’m depressed trying to come up with solutions and other ideas that will still be as high in quality and go with the concept I have been developing for the past 3 years. It has meant the studio space I use so I can be around other artists to help me and build breathing room has been shut down and the fact that students have not been at all addressed by the Government makes me and others feel overlooked and forgotten. We are essentially going to be unemployed graduates straight out of graduation with no income to support us or government scheme once our last student finance pay out runs out. For some that will result in being homeless since student accommodations are still trying to force students to pay for this and next term while students don’t have the financial resources to do so at all. I’m with my mother and she has severe mental health problems and my sister came back from her University to be on lockdown with us so she wasn’t alone and I wasn’t left alone with my mum who would of wrecked my peace of mind. This then meant we needed to do shopping for 3 adults and find the money to do so by asking my dad and close friends while we wait for our student finance and my mothers limited benefits. So when Mama Ursula (we call her that because she is the community mum) dropped off the food parcel it really helped a lot because we were running out of some essentials and that topped us up to be able to have breakfast and get our minds off worrying about money to the point my mum broke down in tears daily feeling bad she couldn’t provide more. This food drop off was and Is very, very much appreciated and I wished many others could experience this kind of service and help because it’s not just the elderly that are in crisis it’s students as well and younger people some children only eat because of school dinners and students because of noodles and pasta since the rent is so high and fees for the course that food is basically scraps most can put together to last for months on end. So I’d like to thank the Organisation that gave Mama Ursula the funding to do this and the funders as well because in a time like this it helped to make England feel like a community that i grew up in rather than the Capitalist everyone for themselves Kinda  way of living we’ve been seeing for ages. 

~ Age 20

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