We wanted to share some of the support we have offered to various organisations and individuals within the community and share their feedback on how our services have helped them.


“I am a single mum with four young children and it has helped provide self-care products for my family. With the cost of living crisis I don’t know how I would have coped without this amazing place.”
“The Hub reduces the cost of some items that in the supermarket are very expensive.”
“It has made products that I’m struggling to purchase easily accessible and affordable.”
“Products for Black hair are already expensive but the cost of them is getting higher so this really helps.”
“It’s allowed me to be able to get essential items that would cost a lot more if I was to go and buy them in the supermarket.”


Recently we have started supporting a Black church in the community, who have had an amazing spate of pregnant and new mothers. We were able to help them by getting newborn packs from Baby Basics Sheffield to hand out to them.
They were incredibly grateful.
We have also started working with BBC Children In Need charity, that helped us to provide Winter Support Packages for our families, which included air fryers, clothing vouchers, a bunk bed, curtains and clothing vouchers for families struggling with the cost of living crisis.


“We are really appreciative of the things we received. We’ve had to just deal with using broken or damaged appliances for months because we haven’t been able to afford new ones after paying priority bills every month and with it just being a festive period. Our old microwave was rusty inside and would sometimes continually beep and not work. Or toaster and kettle levers were broken and the kettle had started to leak. Getting the air fryer will be a big help because as someone who is visually impaired it will help me cook meals quicker for me and my son. The clothing allowance will help me to buy my son some nice clothes as he’s growing out of things quickly and the new curtains will help to brighten up the room and keep heat in. It’s really nice to know that there is help available for young families through this scheme especially for those who aren’t able to work and we’re so grateful to Adira for making us aware of it and referring us. Thank you.”
“Just wanted to thank you again for helping us get the appliances, curtains and blankets. The curtains have really helped to improve my sleep since they block out a lot more light than my old ones. The air fryer makes it so much quicker to cook food especially since I don’t always have the time to wait for an hour for something to cook and it means we can cook multiple things at once if one of us is using the other already. The microwave, kettle and toaster have made everyday cooking more convenient too and we love how the microwave can be used in multiple ways 💕”
“I can’t thank you enough but I will continue to say thank you. The kids love to say thank you too. God will perfect all that concerns you. Amen.”
“I just wanted to thank you again for the encouragement and support with the test 🥰🥰🥰 Just so happy and glad it’s done before Christmas, best thing ever 🤧. My mum even cried when I told her because it was such a big huddle 🥲 Thanks again I really appreciate you ❤️❤️”
“Omds thank you sooo much for the products😭you gave me more than I could ask for and they are such amazing products I could only wish to use🥹really appreciate it 


We were amazed to discover that we had been anonymously nominated for a prize of £1,000 from the Sheffield 1000 Charity and we won.
We will use the money we received to replenish our black skin and haircare products in the Self-Care Hub, as we struggle to keep those items stocked; as these are essential for Black people to use.


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