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With the rising cost of school uniforms, many families are facing challenges in affording school essentials.

Adira is planning a special back-to-school event for local children and their families in an effort to alleviate the stress of the rising cost of school uniforms, and the challenges many parents/carers/guardians (including working parents) face trying to meet these costs.

We are in urgent need of:

– School shirts

– School trousers

– School shoes

– Socks/Tights

– Pens/Pencils/Rubbers/Rulers/Pencil Caes, etc.

– Backpacks

– School Exercise Books


To offer your support or for any enquiries, please email the Adira team at office@adira.org.uk.


COST OF LIVING Support Information

Over the past few months, millions of people have experienced increases in the cost of living, including rises in petrol, food, and gas and electric charges. This has left many facing tough decisions about how to spend their money, and many others in need of advice and financial support to afford rent, fuel bills, and everyday items. As a result, we have put the following list together which shows the resources available across Sheffield to support those in need of help.

General Advice and Resources

  • Sheffield City Council has put together this Money Support Guide and ‘Worrying About Money?’ leaflet which can be found online. Your local GP surgery may also have a paper copy.
  • The council’s benefits page contains information about support available in the city, including Council Tax Support, the Council Tax hardship scheme, Discretionary Housing Payments, the Local Assistance Scheme, and the Household Support Fund.
  • The MoneySavingExpert website has information about how to reduce your spending as costs rise.
  • The Government’s Money Helper website also provides advice for people facing financial difficulties.
  • Citizens Advice Sheffield provide free, independent advice on benefits, debt, housing, and employment rights.
  • The Stop Loan Sharks team have a 24-hour helpline (0300 555 2222) and online chat to enable people to report Loan Sharks and receive confidential support.
  • Step Change provide advice and help for people who are in debt, including an online debt tool.

Fuel and Energy Support

  • Sheffield City Council provides online information about how to reduce your fuel bills.
  • The government has a ‘Simple Energy Advice’ website, including an Energy Efficiency Calculator which provides personalised advice on reducing energy bills.
  • The Turn2Us website contains information about the schemes available to help with fuel bills.
  • Groundwork provides free Green Doctor visits to help with reducing heating costs.
  • Energy suppliers have Priority Services Registers which provide support for vulnerable people, including those with a mental health condition or families with children under five.
  • National Energy Action (NEA) provide one-to-one advice, support, and grants to the most vulnerable and low-income households. They have grants available for customers on pre-pay meters and on low incomes or benefits.
  • Water suppliers also have extensive support for people struggling to pay. Information about the schemes offered by Yorkshire Water schemes can be found here.
  • Citizens Advice Sheffield may also be able to offer fuel cost support for prepaid meter users.

Housing Support

  • If you are a Council or Housing Association tenant and are struggling to pay your rent, you should contact your landlord in the first instance. Council tenants who make contact may be able to arrange for their debts to be paid over a longer period or by direct debit and will also receive advice about the support they are entitled to.
  • If you are of pension age, then you may be able to claim  Housing Benefit.
  • Discretionary Housing Payments can provide financial support for rent or housing costs to those who receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit (but not the maximum amount).
  • The Homelessness Prevention Fund can be used as short-term help for someone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness. For further information call the Housing Solutions Team (0114 273 6306).
  • Private rented tenants struggling to pay their rent and at risk of homelessness can contact the Sheffield City Council Housing Solutions Team on 0114 273 6306.
  • If you are worried about paying your rent or mortgage, you can find information and advice on  Shelter’s website. You can also contact your local Shelter team by email Sheffield_Hub@shelter.org.uk if your landlord has threatened or taken action, served you with a notice or there is a court order in place.

Grants and Funding

  • Council Tax Support is available for those on low incomes. In addition, the Council Tax Hardship Scheme provides further support to those who receive council tax support but are still unable to meet their council tax costs.
  • The Household Support Fund is available for those who need urgent support coping with the cost of living crisis, providing advice on a wide range of hardship grants and support schemes. The fund team can be contacted online or by phone (0114 273 4567).
  • Citizens Advice Sheffield are also available to support people to claim for Universal Credit through their Help to Claim service available online or over the phone.
  • Families who are eligible for Free School Meals will continue to receive vouchers over some school holidays this year. Further information about this scheme is available online.
  • Sheffield Credit Union is on hand to provide affordable loans and savings advice for those who need it. The credit union can help build and improve credit records to improve your access to mainstream financial services.
  • Many households will be receiving a £150 energy tax rebate from the government this year. For more information, and to see if you are eligible, you can check online.
  • The Local Assistance Scheme provides grants to support independent living and for those in crisis situations who are not receiving help.

For Organisations

  • South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation has set up a Sheffield Cost of Living fund. This will soon be available to provide grants for organisations such as food banks that are supporting local people with the cost-of-living crisis.

Winner of the Barbara Wragg Charity Award

"If trauma can be passed down
through the generations,
then so can healing."

Award Winning!

We are excited to have recently won the Barbara Wragg Award for charity work!

We are thrilled that our CEO Ursula Myrie has been selected as one of the 500 official Coronation Champions!


The Hub was set up in response to the cost of living crisis. We realised that there was a gap, due to people prioritising heating, gas, petrol, mortgage, school shoes, etc., with nothing left to spend on toiletries. So we launched the self-care hub in December 2022. The Hub is operated on a referral-only basis, and we provide service users with free and low cost household cleaning products, and personal hygiene products. Most importantly we have culturally appropriate skin and haircare products, and Black hair packs for Black people to help with the cost of doing their hair.


It has helped lightened the burden by offering quality items for a cheap payment, allowing us to allocate that money towards gas or electricity or other essentials. Offering baby products, personal care/ hygiene and even household products means there’s a range of things to choose from that we may need but might not have money to get otherwise. 
As a student it is hard to afford haircare and other items especially with the cost of living crisis. They have helped with supplying amazing products that I can use. I now don’t have to stress as much with having to think of how to pay for good quality products with a small budget. This is was something that was difficult to access when I was younger, so having a service like this now is amazing. This separates them from other organisations as I have not come across any as helpful and providing so much care as the Self-Care Hub.

"Use your past to help others change their future"


We are excited to announce that our first film is coming soon!


Our conference speakers spoke on Mental Health, Abuse and Culture in the Black Community Conference.

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