This photograph was used for the pitch deck and was taken at Tyrah’s Touch – Sheffield’s first Black Mental Health Hair Salon.

Weave - Gallery

Weave was produced by @enonfilms in partnership with @adira_org_ Sheffield’s leading black mental health organisation.

Funded by @lankellychase. Unit stills by @funkstar13.


A grieving, young girl’s attempt to embrace her natural hair launches a mental health journey that will last a lifetime.


In a world where African-Caribbean hair is widely considered inferior, a young black girl must decide whether to hide her Afro hair to appease her broken and fiercely protective father, or embrace her hair and risk suffering the same fate as her mother. Weave is a short film about the link between black hair and black mental health. It explores some of the challenges that people with African-Caribbean Heritage currently face.

The Showroom Cinema

Adira have been selected to be the collaborative partner with the Showroom Cinema for Black History Month 2023. The launch of this was on the 1st October 2023. The Showroom cinema are committed to continuing the partnership with Adira after Black History month.

On November the 3rd, the Adira film – Weave,  will be included in launch of the British Film Institute release of the film – Pressure.

This is a great achievement for Adira. Tickets will be on sale at the Showroom Cinema.

Some written feedback from people who attended the Weave Launch

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I have to say what an amazing and very special launch. Jam packed with golden nuggets and a fantastic film. You should all be very proud of yourself and each other!! EXCELLENT!!
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It was an amazing film. Powerful and impactful. I hope it lands well as it gets out there and of course I would be happy to help push the messages in any ways I can.
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On a personal note, I loved the film, and I've raved about it to a number of people already and will continue to do so. May I ask that you keep us in the loop on the next phases of sharing this amazing film across the globe. We would love to see how we can support you via the carnival network. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity. I hope we will be able to work together in the future.
UK Centre for Carnival Arts (UKCCA)
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I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for connecting with us some time ago and the wonderful outcome for us here at UKCCA. We loved being commissioned to be part of the Weave Launch Event. We really hope you were pleased with the performance. As I explained to you, with Nigel's advice and guidance re the themes and messages of the film, we selected costumes to resonate with those messages. The costumes were created for RJC Dance, a youth group based in Leeds, by a rising carnival costume star, Rhian Kempadoo-Miller. All the costumes were made from entirely natural materials. Rhonda made the connection with RJC Dance for UKCCA. The song was chosen by Rhonda Allen. The Machel Montana song makes clear we should unapologetically follow our natural and cultural spirit. I was so happy that when I explained the context you were pleased. Thanks again for the opportunity and hopefully we will have more opportunities to join ranks in the future.
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That was outstanding 👏👏👏 So sorry I had to run at the end as it's half term and looking after the kids. Today was really really good! You should be so proud this is really a mark in the sand for Adira. Nigel has done a great job as well for project manager as well🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾
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Thank you so much for the invitation to the Weave Premiere. What a powerful story it told! It had additional emotional impact knowing it was about you. I am sure like mine, everyone's hearts went out to the little girl, her mum and her family. And in its power and storytelling it conveyed very clear messages to the wider community. I really appreciated the other 2 short films too, which complemented Weave beautifully in their different ways. Pauline Tomlin spoke so eloquently. It was a wonderful event yesterday to be part of, I was very happy to be singing with the choir who are are a lovely supportive group.
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Thanks so much for inviting me to the premiere of Weave – an unforgettable film, with an amazing wraparound of dance and song! Many congratulations to all involved in the filming and production – it is beautiful, heartfelt, instructive and heartbreaking. Thank you for this important piece of work, which I hope will be widely seen and understood.
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Many thanks for inviting my colleague and I to your wonderful screening. A huge credit to you and your team for getting this to production. So happy for you to get your story told in a format that you were so clearly comfortable with. I can’t wait to share this wider and open up the discussion about black mental health, hair and further increase cultural awareness.
BBC Sheffield
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Well well done It was a super premiere, creative, captivating, thought provoking and a great opportunity to see old faces and make new friends – I have 2 new psychotherapy mates! Thank you!
Vanitas Arts
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Congratulations to all involved with the making and launch of Weave a film about Black Hair and mental health. Lovely to see our friend Pauline Tomlin in the cast too! @adiraorguk @enonfilms 💫 👏🏾
Sheffield Flourish
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We were thrilled to be invited to the first screening of Weave, a very powerful film about the history and importance of Black hair, particularly relevant when thinking about equity in mental health support. Well done @adiraorguk - from a dream 20 years ago to an amazing film.
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Privileged to take part in the premiere launch of the short film Weave with @SCC_Gospel. It portrays the connection black women’s hair and their mental health @adiraorguk Never ever give up on your dreams!
Wonderfully Made Woman
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Congratulations to @adiraorguk on your new film; #weave. What an amazing Film . @enonfilms @LankellyChase @HWSheffield @sheffhallamuni @ShefFlourish
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Wonderful to be at the premiere of ‘Weave’ today at which music, dance, eloquence and inspiration launched this powerful and affecting personal story, and a journey towards better black mental healthcare. Congratulations @adiraorguk and all involved 👏 👏👏
Young Women's Housing Project
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A real privilege to have shared in the premier of this very moving and thought provoking film. Amazing work by all involved. Thank you 🙏 ❤️ Ursula Myrie it was FANTASTIC!
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Weave is a wonderful short film that beautifully illustrates the lack of appropriate and skilled, care and attention to Black hair and it’s impact on mental health. Inspiring, educational and thought provoking.
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Many thanks for inviting my colleague and I to your wonderful screening. A huge credit to you and your team for getting this to production. So happy for you to get your story told in a format that you were so clearly comfortable with. I can’t wait to share this wider and open up the discussion about black mental health, hair and further increase cultural awareness.

Weave - Reviews

Take a look at the reviews from those we were fortunate to work with on our project.

Emilia Lester

This month I had the pleasure of working on latest short. This short was particularly special due to its subject matter concentrating on the culture and history behind black hair. The film also concentrates on the difficult subject matter of Alzheimer's disease and other mental health problems which will be revealed during the film's release.



Last year, I stumbled upon a Facebook ad posted by Ursula Myrie, calling for contributors to a #shortfilm . At that time, I had never met Ursula, but I couldn't resist the chance to use my skills for a project that aimed to illuminate the complex subject of #blackhair. As a hands-on dad to two #biracial young girls...



Weave was inspired by some of the lived experiences of Ursula Myrie.

Thank You’s

Weave was produced by ENON films in partnership with Sheffield’s leading black mental health organisation Adira, and was funded by Lankelly Chase Foundation, with additional support from Sheffield Hallam University. Special shout out to our amazing cast and crew. The journey so far has been fantastic. We still have a way to go, but the first steps have been taken.